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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No races right now

I haven't be able to run any races in a while because too many other things are going on in my life.

First, my blood pressure has been too high, and my Dr. doesn't want me to stroke out while I run. So, she told me not to run until we can figure out if my lupus is hurting my kidneys, and until we can get my numbers down. Luckily, it's slowly getting lower, and will hopefully be back to normal soon. I can't wait to get clearance to run again!

Second, my husband and I just bought a house. It was a foreclosure, and it needed a lot of work. We've been using our spare money (a.k.a., my racing fund) to renovate and furnish our new place. Working on our house has been a physical drain. With the stress and physical activity, I feel like I'm in a constant flare-up. It's really hard to hold a saw steady when your finger joints are swollen and inflamed.

Third, any extra money we have that hasn't gone into the house is being saved so we can visit my grandparents. My grandfather has inoperable, un-treatable pancreatic cancer. I want to spend as much time as possible with him before he leaves this world for a better place.

With these three interrupting factors, my racing has been put aside for a few months. In a couple of months, I should start again. But for now, there are other things that need my attention.

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