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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Princess Peach and Mario

I started this blog because I wanted to chronicle my attempts to use my long-lost home economic skills (e.g., sewing, crafting, baking). I blame Halloween for my new blog. My boyfriend wants to go out on Halloween as Princess Peach (me) and Mario (him). So, I'm trying to remember my sewing skills in order to make these costumes. His should be fairly easy: red shirt, red hat, and some overalls. Of course these items will have to be doctored a little bit--I bought big yellow buttons to attach to the overalls, and the hat will have to have a big M on it. But overall, this shouldn't be too hard. My costume, on the other hand, is proving to be a challenge. For mine, I have to sew a dress, make the oversized jewels, make a crown, doctor a wig, and buy some white gloves.

Yesterday, we went to JoAnn Fabrics to find a pattern to use as a guide and to pick out fabric. I found a pattern (on sale for $0.99) that will work with a little bit of tweaking. After finding the pattern, it was time to move on to the fabric. At first I wanted satin (it was on sale), but I opted for broadcloth (also on sale - $1.99 a yard) because satin is so shiny and so hard to work with. I wanted something a little more muted--without a sheen. I bought 5.25 yards of the light pink and 3 yards of the dark pink (I factored in some extra so I can make something cute for my 2 year old niece). While at JoAnn's, I wanted to see if I could find a way to make Peach's oversized jewels. I purchased some blue/turquoise and golden glitter polymer clays ($2.49 each). I also found an inexpensive blonde wig that was on sale ($5.99). I'm going to have to cut it and shape it a bit, but it should work.

Now to work on the project. I'll post pictures as I go along, to document the progress!

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