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Friday, September 18, 2009

Update for last night

Starting Wednesday night, I was feeling really bad. I didn't eat the tilapia or noodles, although S. assured me that they were delicious. And he ate seconds. I wound up running a fever, and I was quite sick to my stomach. So we splurged and got S. some PJ's pizza for dinner. After a lot of gatorade and some black licorice, I'm feeling 98% better! Now onto my projects for today.

Project 1: New-to-me sewing machine
Last weekend, I met a very sweet couple outside in line at Cotton Babies. (They were having a large sale on reusable fabric diaper covers, bumGenius diapers, and people were practically camped out in line for these diapers! It was crazy!) Anyway, long story short, I quickly came to adore this couple. And when I mentioned that I like to sew, but no longer have a working sewing machine, the husband offered me his grandmother's old dressmaker machine. She rarely used it. And after she died, it accumulated dust in him mother's garage. They tried to sell it at a garage sale, but no one bought it. And so he offered it to me...for FREE! How awesome is that?! I admit, it's very dirty and needs to be oiled, but it works. I only see one minor repair need, and I can work around it for the time being. Today, I'm scrubbing the case and trying to remove all of the dust and dirt from the machine itself. It will be quite a task. Here's a before pic of the side. All that dark stuff is dust and dirt! Ew!

Project 2: Give the kitchen a good scrub.
Having been ill, I let the kitchen mess get away from me. Both sides of the sink are filled with dirty dishes, and there's flour all over the table. Ugh! But I want the place sparkling before I start tonight's dinner.

Project 3: Laundry
Need I say anymore?

Project 4: Go to the balloon race.
Okay, so this isn't really a project, but is something fun. I haven't been to a balloon festival since we lived in Albuquerque, and I really miss seeing the brightly colored giants! The balloon glow is tonight, and it sounds fabulous: "The Balloon Glow offers spectators a breathtaking view of inflated balloons lighted by their burners. Get up close and walk around the balloons... The event will conclude with a fireworks display beginning at approximately 9pm."

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