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Friday, January 1, 2010

Thursday, Dec 31: 3 mile run

I worked New Year’s Eve to make up for the time I’m taking off next week when my husband and I fly home to see our parents. (We leave tomorrow! Yay!) I was the only one in the office, so I got a lot done. But I started to get restless at about 11:30 a.m. Therefore, at noon, I locked the office up and went for a run. (Since I was the only one at the office, and we weren’t expecting any clients, I wore comfy running clothes to work.)

It started snowing the moment I stepped foot outside. It wasn’t too cold outside, but it was still snowing those large, wet flakes that stick to your eyelashes until they melt and drip into your eyes. Even so, it was a pleasant run. It was much hillier than the area that I usually run in, so my pace was a little slow (10:32 min/mile). But I felt good after the run, and my joints weren’t hurting as bad as they normally do.

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