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Friday, January 1, 2010

Wednesday, Dec 30: 2 mile run

It was another one of those days where it physically hurts to get out of bed. Every movement hurt. I can’t tell you how many extra aspirin I took today (I prefer aspirin to the Mobic and other joint medicines). I feel like I’m making excuses, but with the pain I was in, I opted to not go outside for a run. Instead, I ran in circles in the basement—three minutes running clockwise, three minutes running counterclockwise, and so on. I did this for 30 minutes straight, so I think (and hope) that I ran over two miles. I know running such tight turns slowed me down a little bit, but surely it didn’t increase my pace to a 15 min/mile mile!

I know running in the basement might sound like the easy way out—especially when other people were out braving the elements. But, in all honesty, it wasn’t easy for me. I really do not like our basement. It’s that stereotypical old-scary-movie basement. It’s not well lit, and our land lord left the door of his storage/woodworking area open. I let my imagination run wild, and kept envisioning someone hiding in the storage area, able to see me, while I was blind to him. Of course, I was too terrified to approach the door to close it. Yes, I am 31 years old. Yes, I still let my imagination run away from me sometimes.

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