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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday, Jan 14: 4 mile run

Goal: 4 mile run
Actual: 4.25 mile run

I really wanted my husband to run with me tonight, but his car appointment took too long. At 8:50 p.m., I went ahead and ran without him. Now that he’s back in town, I feel more comfortable running at night by myself. I called him as I was leaving to run, and left him a map of my planned run on (I LOVE for mapping my runs!)

Because of the cold temperatures we’ve been having lately, my joints have been a bit inflamed. During my run, I was hurting. My fingers felt like they were expanding in my gloves. My knees felt like all the intricate pieces of the joint were scraping against each other. So, I turned on my iPod and tried to focus on the music. (Note: I kept the volume low so I could hear any noises in my surrounding area. Also, I ran in a safe area around campus and was unofficially escorted by a campus police car.) I’m sure I looked ridiculous since I was adjusting my gait to prevent more pain, and singing aloud with running playlist. But singing got through the pain! I completed my run with a slow 11 min/mile pace, but I completed it! Yay!

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